You Don’t Have to Be Instagram Famous to Score Sponsorships

Don’t have 50,000 followers on Instagram? You might think your chances of a landing a sponsorship deal will never happen, but not to worry. There are other ways to get companies to recognize why they should invest in you. Here are some tips for you on your quest to score a sponsorship.


First and foremost, your passion needs to be evident.

Model: Bear Dellinger

Car Owner: @whtout86            Model: Bear Dellinger

And I’m not just talking about your passion to get recognized. I mean a true, committed dedication to cars. This means hitting up meets both big and small, staying in the know about relevant news, and genuinely loving anything to do with cars. Most of the companies you reach out to are filled with real enthusiasts who have spent years racing, innovating, and developing products to better the automotive industry. If your passion isn’t real, they will see right through it. Describe yourself, your story, your demographics.

Find the right person to contact.


You don’t want to start emailing the sales department about why you are the perfect fit for a sponsorship deal. Telephone calls can sometimes be best, because you have the chance to have a real conversation, not just a bunch of emails back and fourth that get lost in translation. If not, make sure you are emailing the right person. And use spell check!

Nothing Comes Free…You have to be willing to dedicate yourself to the brand.


Companies don’t give out free or discounted parts for fun. They’re interested in the marketing and exposure that can come from you representing their brand with your car. So don’t be one of those people who accepts discounts and doesn’t give credit where credit is due. When communicating with companies for sponsorships, make sure you know what they are looking to get back from you. Maybe its just a windshield banner, or maybe its social media posts. Maybe they will require you to go to several track days and really represent their brand on the strip. Don’t be afraid to let them know what you’re willing to do as well. It shows that you’re serious about representing them if you offer your availability for exposure and events. If you’re only willing to throw a sticker on your ride, chances are they may be less inclined to help you out. Include how YOU will benefit THEM.

Don’t give up after the first rejection.


Or the first unanswered email. At the end of the day, there are tons of people out there looking for sponsorships. Sometimes companies won’t even be offering them, but you won’t know until you find out. If you really are dedicated, then you shouldn’t stop after the first rejection. That being said, make sure you are not sending the same generic email to each company. It’s obvious if they are all filled with blanket statements that don’t really display why THAT brand is the one for you. Create a list, and decide who could really be a potential sponsor so you don’t become that person reaching out to every brand on the market.

Understand what a sponsorship means.


Not all sponsorships are the same. Sometimes you get lucky and get totally free parts, but that’s not usually the case. Maybe its a small discount, or maybe a large one. But if you’re going to commit to representing a brand, make sure you know what you’re getting into. Company A may offer a sponsorship if you promote their brand 24/7, but may turn around and only offer you a 10% discount on their already expensive products. Make sure you communicate about what your “sponsorship” really means.

Be Brief, Be Awesome, and then Be Gone


Don’t make this take up their whole day. Ask for what you are looking for, describe why you would be a good fit, but don’t make them spend the whole day reading a 4 page essay with references. Why are you different than the others? Make yourself stand out, but do it briefly.


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How To Build A Car You Can Be Proud Of

In 2016, with social media making the world smaller (and meaner), you may be wondering how to create the car of your dreams without the influence of everyone else’s opinions clouding your vision. Here are some things to consider when starting a new build, totally changing directions of your current one, or deciding whether or not to buy those expensive 3 piece wheels the internet is raving about.

 Ask Questions


Many people turn to social media pages for advice on what people think will look best on their car, which brand is the best, or what their next mod should be. Unfortunately, many times this results in a whole bunch of people yelling at you, “don’t build your car for the Internet!” While that should be common sense, sometimes its nice to have a second opinion. If you’re looking into power mods, you may come across someone or even several people, who have had bad experiences with that turbo kit you want to install. Maybe you’re not sure if your gold and green color scheme really looks as nice as it does in your head. But at the end of the day, it’s your car, and you’re the one spending the money on it. So ask questions and don’t be afraid of the Facebook jerks giving you heat for asking a second opinion. Just take their advice with caution.

That Being Said, Don’t Build Your Car For the Internet


We get it, everyone wants to be liked. Everyone wants their car to be noticed and accepted, but as previously mentioned, it’s your car and your vision alone. If you REALLY want to buy that exhaust that everyone says sounds like a lawn mower, then do it. Because at the end of the day, it’s your car, and you’re the only person not benefiting from your car not being exactly how YOU want it to be. If everyone listened to everyone else, we would have a bunch of the same cars looking the same way, and that’s not what its about. Stay true to your own ideas and stand your ground against those who have negative things to say about it.

Do Your Research


Want to know whats worse than spending $5000 on a bunch of mods that ultimately blow your car up? Not much. Cars are an expensive hobby, so take the time to do the research. Whether that may be on the parts themselves, the distributors, the shops working on your car, or the tuners, its important to really know what you’re getting into. How reliable are these people, places, and parts? Spur of the moment purchases are fun, but reliability is more fun. Make sure when picking a place for installations or tunes you are going to an experienced shop who is familiar with your car and the parts inside of it. No Limit Motorsport has 15 years of experience with many different makes and models, which is what makes them a reliable place to bring your car to. Nothing beats experience. The website Sport Compact Warehouse is another great site for some of the highest quality car parts and the most reasonable prices. Doing research could save you money in your pockets for more parts.

Don’t be Afraid to Go Fast


Photo by @funkymac

In 2016 and years before, stance has become a main focus in the car scene. That’s great, but many people you ask might tell you they went that route because it was easier on their wallets and their cars. This is why making sure you do your research is so important. With a trustworthy shop, the experience of truly building a car will be enjoyable instead of a nightmare. Keeping the performance mods to a minimum might be safer theoretically, but there is no better feeling than flying down the track at 120+ miles an hour without the fear of a cop waiting around the corner. If that’s an experience you think you would love (which you probably will) then go for it! Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty and build a real racecar.

Following Trends Are Okay, But Set Your Own Too


Just like everything else in this world, sometimes taking a step out of your comfort zone can have awesome results. Try not to worry too much about what others think. Chances are, there is someone somewhere is driving a Honda Pilot dreaming about one day owning a car as cool as yours. Your car should be a reflection of you and no one else. Start a trend and you might find out that everyone has been waiting to see something like that for years.


No Limit Motorsport’s goal is to help you do exactly these things; to turn your vision into a reality. With so many years of experience within sales, installation and tuning, there’s no better place to check out. You can call them toll free at 1-866-381-4618 for questions, appointments, or help picking out the perfect part for your ride. You can also check out No Limit online here.


Sport Compact Warehouse powered by No Limit Motorsport… What does this mean for performance enthusiasts?


In 2001, No Limit Motorsport started as an ecommerce website, which quickly grew and expanded to a retail store. As time continued, No Limit Motorsport became Long Island’s first true One Stop Shop for sport compact cars when they moved to Medford, NY in 2006. Catering to all makes and models, NLM has advanced knowledge of Mitsubishi Evo’s, Subaru WRX/STI, Nisan Skyline/GTR, Honda/Acura and many other platforms. NLM currently serves customers from all over the globe, as well as their large local following and support of the local shows, events, and meets.

Well that’s great, but what does Sport Compact Warehouse have to do with it?

Many customers may not be aware of this extension of NLM. Sport Compact Warehouse is the newest website with an extremely large selection of industry leading import performance car parts at incredibly low prices. Sport Compact Warehouse has a live updated inventory, free shipping on most orders over $150, online customer service, fast shipping, and being powered by No Limit Motorsport, over 30+ years of of combined aftermarket automotive and performance car parts support at the click of your finger.


SCW/NLM can help you choose the brands they have seen perform, look, and last the best through their experience with other customers. SCW has been designed to give you 100% access to the best brands on the market today. Their customer service representatives are all car enthusiast like you, and have years of experience in modifying their own cars. Unlike many other websites, when you call, you are calling a business. A real brick and motor shop, warehouse, retail store, everything you can ask for when purchasing your car parts.

We want our customers to have the opportunity to take advantage of these two great sites. If you haven’t yet, check out Sport Compact Warehouse online today! For any questions, you can always call Toll Free at 866-381-4618, or speak to an online customer service representative. As always, the products and service you love and trust from No Limit Motorsport is available to you as well.


AEM Releases CD-7 Digital Dash Displays


AEM has released its new Digital Dash Display, featuring:

  • Full color 7” screen with 800×480 resolution
  • 1000cd/m2 brightness and anti-glare filter for readability in all conditions including direct sunlight
  • IP66 water resistance allows for operation in boats and motorcycles without worry
  • Accepts channels from two separate user programmable CAN bus connections – works with AEMnet enabled devices and 3rd party devices side by side
  • Available with or without 200Mb internal logging (up to 100Hz/channel)
  • Seven programmable pages including four Main pages, Alarm, On-Change and Start-up pages
  • Dedicated Alarm page quickly identifies problems (user defined)
  • Unique On-Change page can be used to identify map switching for boost, traction, lap times, etc.
  • Use included page templates and input your channels and text, or create your own custom page templates
  • Free DashDesign Graphics Editor software
  • Seven LED RPM/shift light indicators on top of the housing (programmable and dimmable)
  • Two programmable LEDs above toggle buttons on sides of housing
  • Available as package with VDM (PN 30-2203) to add GPS for track mapping & lap times, accelerometer for longitudinal, lateral and vertical G-loads and gyrometer for roll, pitch and yaw
  • Odometer function
  • Over 200 supplied fully programmable warning icons, and you can add your own
  • ‘Headlight-in’ connection dims the dash and LEDs during night operation
  • Two extra switch inputs included for displaying user-triggered events (blinkers, high beams etc.)
  • User supplied graphics can be changed based on channel values (up to the full screen size)
  • Convert CAN bus channel values to user-defined text

Watch it in action here:


Give us a call toll free at 1-866-381-4618 to order yours today!

Check out AEM Electronics’ other products at No Limit Motorsport or at Sport Compact Warehouse online now.

About AEM
Advanced Engine Management’s performance electronics are Engineered to Outperform. The company designs, manufactures and assembles engine management systems, wideband air/fuel systems, water/methanol injection systems, performance gauges, data loggers, boost controllers, ignition components, fuel delivery components and adjustable cam gears at its corporate headquarters in Hawthorne, CA.

Cliff’s Supercharged 2014 “Whiteout” Scion FRS

Perhaps one of the classiest BRZ/FRS we have seen, our customer Cliff’s “Whiteout” themed FRS really deserves some recognition. What do you mean by whiteout you may ask? Well let’s take a look.


The whiteout theme can be found throughout the car, from small accents such as the white exhaust tips, to his custom upholstered and embroidered Status Racing carbon back seats. Since we’re on the topic of interior, lets start there, and work our way towards the 315 whp this 86 is putting out.


The entire interior of this car has been customized to the whiteout theme, from the matching backseats down to the JPM Coachworks white restitching found all over Cliff’s car. All trim pieces are color matched as well, and Cliff also sports a JPM Coachworks Alcantara steering wheel. To complete this purely artistic interior, you’ll notice a Racesend Ashiko shift knob, and a YoSpeed center plaque and door sill garnishes. Cliff’s car also comes equipped with a Pioneer CarPlay system and OEM Audio custom tuned speaker with a sub box.

Model: Bear Dellinger

Model: Bear Dellinger

Now onto the deeper inner workings of Cliff’s ride. This car is what everyone N/A BRZ or FRS owner dreams of. Tuned by Moto East Tuning & Performance, Cliff is putting out 315 wheel horsepower. Powered by a Vortech supercharger, Motoeast Flex Fuel kit, Raceseng light weight pulleys, a Shorai light weight battery, and Radium AOS catch can, this car performs as well as it sounds. And like the rest of the car, it looks as good too, with Password JDM’s full carbon fiber engine dress up under the hood. Drivetrain upgrades include a Driveshaft Shop aluminum driveshaft, and TRD quick shifter.



And of course, just when you think that’s it, there’s more. What else would you expect?

Yet another one of the ways this car is done right, is that to accommodate the lightweight, RWD speed Cliff’s car puts out, he matches in suspension, handling, and stopping power. Buddy Club lower control arms, Speed By Design coilovers, a Wildwood Big Break Kit (custom powder coated), a Perrin strut bar and endlinks, and a TRD door stabilizer, all make this car’s performance and handling top-notch.



And finally, wheels and exterior mods. Cliff recently bought a new set of wheels, AG F-421 in technica titanium with carbon fiber lips, which we LOVE. Surrounding the car are APR carbon side skirts, lip, rear spats, and rear diffuser. Additionally, Cliff’s car has a Seibon carbon fiber hood (paint matched of course), Winjet headlights, Valenti revo tail lights and reverse light, JDM side markers, a Beatsonic rear window wing and antenna, and finally, a Carsmo duck bill spoiler.


Cliff’s car really has every basis covered. This car displays so much thought, planning, and creativity, which is why it stands out from others. If you’re looking for an 86 that really is done right, Cliff’s car is it. It’s such a pleasure to have helped contribute to making Cliff’s vision a reality.

Model: Bear Dellinger

Model: Bear Dellinger

You can follow Cliff on instagram at @whtout86

Kris’ 2013 Subaru BRZ

We’re back again for another feature on some of our most recent customer’s rides. This week, we’re loving Kris’ 2013 Subaru BRZ. What we appreciate about Kris’ car is it looks track ready while still looking clean, polished, and ready for the florescent lights of a show room. Kris has been coming to No Limit Motorsport for about two years now.



Sporting Volk Racing TE37 SL Black Edition wheels, the car has a simple color scheme while still eye-catching. Sitting on Fortune Auto Coilovers with just the right amount of drop, and equipped with SPL lower control arms, Kris’ suspension is primed for track days or trips to bear mountain. He has also installed a Kartboy Short Shifter . For upgraded stopping power, Kris’ car also has StopTech Drill and Slotted Front Rotors, Stoptech Slotted Rear Rotors, and Hawk HP+ Brake Pads.


All Tomei Everything!

If you want to know what a race car sounds like, look no further than what Kris has running for his exhaust system; a Tomei Titanium 80R Exhaust, Tomei Test Pipe, and Tomei Front Pipe.


Accented with a Seibon carbon fiber trunk, Valenti sequential blacked out taillights, an APR Front Splitter, Rexpeed carbon fiber dash and mirror covers, an Agency Power carbon fiber Vortex Generator, his roof wrapped in 3M gloss black vinyl, carbon fiber interior, and Rox Blox mudflaps, Kris has got every basis covered, which is what makes his car so versatile for both the track and the showroom.


Kris plans to spend next summer representing No Limit Motorsport, bringing his car to any track day he can with the rest of the team. Kris thanks all the people who appreciate clean rides, authentic parts, and has given him a thumbs up on the road! And of course, “NLM for helping me making my dream car come alive!” We are all looking forward to next season with Kris as part of the team!


All photos in this post were taken by Joey Jazmines. You can check out his flickr here.


Check out Garrett’s new GTX3584RS Series 1000 HP Turbocharger

If you’re in the market for a turbo designed for a midsize engine that will produce more power, while keeping your engine bay looking sleek, then look no further.

If you thought Precision turbo was beginning to outdo Garrett, well you may be wrong. This past week at SEMA 2016, Garret by Honeywell unveiled the new GTX3584RS turbocharger, which promises 1000HP; one of the largest horsepower ranges available for a mid-size turbo for a 4-6 cylinder car. The GTX3584RS is suitable for tight installations and multiple engine sizes (2.0L to 5.5L).



An upgrade from the GT35, the GTX series has been completely redesigned. The GTX3584RS features an advanced Gen2 turbine compressor wheel and new high-flow compressor housing which flows exhaust gases at a more efficient rate, allowing for a quicker spool. The turbine housing has also been made with stainless steel, so that rust will not become an issue even years after use. And that’s not all. Garret has included both hose bead and V-band compressor outlet options as well. It also includes a fully machined speed sensor port for those interested in monitoring the inner workings of their turbocharger. According to Tim Cotley, a Garret Performance Marketing Specialist, the GTX3584RS should yield a 20% power increase over previous designs.

What is Precision turbo going to come out with next to compete with Garrett’s new GTX3584RS? The race for more power continues…

Interested in a Garrett turbocharger for your car? Check it out here, or give one of our sales representatives a call at 1-866-381-4618!


Chris Quinones’ 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Se

“Oh, its not an Evo?” might be someone’s first response when seeing our customer Chris’ 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer Se. But not because they’re disappointed… because its just that impressive.


Chris got his Lancer in June of 2012, and has completely transformed it over the years. When we sold him his SSR GTV02 ‘s and painted them Candy Red, we knew this car was going to be something completely different. The final product of this car is both a mixture of high quality parts and custom work done by Chris himself on both the interior and exterior.

The SSRs, wrapped in Hankook Ventus V2s, sit perfectly on the car, thanks to his D2 air suspension and D2 air management. This color combo – accentuated by his carbon fiber VIS hood, trunk, and mirrors – is one of Chris’ favorite things about the car. Chris’ carbon addiction doesn’t stop there though, as you can also find a Road Race carbon fiber lip and license plate, as well as carbon vinyl wrapped around the door handles, roof, and bumper. And if you thought there was no more room for carbon fiber, well you’re wrong, because this car also has a carbon Cusco Antenna as well!


Inside Chris’ car, you’ll find a Cipher harness bar, GForce Racing Harnesses, NRG Seats, an NRG Steering Wheel, custom Japanese themed interior, done by Chris himself, and a Cusco shift knob.

Taken by @zuumy

Photo by Vlad Shurigan – Follow him on Instagram at @zuumy

Chris’ Lancer also has custom blacked out/LED projector headlights and LED taillights, NRG Canards, and a Cusco strut bar. The underglow, a more recent addition, was also done by Chris.

Photo taken by Thomas C,

Photo taken by Thomas C – Follow him on Instagram at @Tmasss

We love Chris’ car because it has always been his personal vision. If you know Chris, you see all the ways that this car really represents his creativity and artistic eye. Not to mention, Chris is one of the most humble and friendly guys you’ll run into. Chris says he’s thankful for all his friends who have helped him through the years. If there’s a meet, he’s there, and he’s someone you want to get to know!


We’ve been loving watching Chris’ car transform. Is he done modifying the Lancer? Maybe. But don’t worry… Chris just purchased a 2016 WRX, and we cannot wait to see what Chris comes up with in 2017.  🙂

Unless otherwise noted, photos in this post were taken by Chris himself. Follow him on Instagram at @thesneakerrehab



Rich Spinelli’s 2015 Mitsubishi Evo Final Edition

If you were in attendance at Evo/STi Day this past Sunday, you probably saw one of our customers, Rich Spinelli, and his 2015 Final Edition Evo take the track, flying down the 1/4 mile at 112mph.


After an unexpected turn of events, Rich switched from the Subaru side, having previously owned a 500whp Subaru STI, for a 2015 Mitsubishi Final Edition Evo. He purchased the car the end of this past September, and we spent the last two weeks getting it set for Evo Sti Day. For those unfamiliar with the Final Edition Evo, there are only 1600 in the United States. The Final Edition offers exclusive interior and exterior accents, and increased performance. From the factory, they come with 303 hp, 305 tq, 18 inch Enkei wheels, red-stitched all black interior, a black painted aluminum roof, and a final edition badge with the individualized number of the car.




Equipped with Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors, an ETS MAF Intake, ETS Extreme Catback, ETS Dump O2 Eliminator Downpipe, ETS RACE Test Pipe, ETS 3.5″ Intercooler, ETS Upper Intercooler Pipe, GS Electronic Boost Controller, and AEM 320 Fuel Pump, and tuned on E85, its no wonder he clocked in at 12.243.


We’re happy to have been able to help Rich get the car ready in time for Evo/Sti Day, and we’re excited to see what else is in store for his car in the upcoming months!



Check out some more shots below of Rich’s build